Get the Healthy, Happy Skin You Want. Start feeling confident again, like YOU again.

Ever looked at another women and thought…
Geez, how is her skin so clear and glowy?
Will I ever have skin like hers?
Have I just won the genetic ‘bad skin’ lottery?

  • Are you feeling a bit desperate about the state of your skin? Embarrassed by it? At your wits end with it?

  • Feeling like the skincare you’re using right now, or even that you’ve been recommended is only making your skin worse?

  • Maybe skincare you’re using has actually hurt your skin (it claims to do good, but you’ve literally been burned) and now your skin has more problems. Help, just help me!

  • Perhaps you’re about to make a new order for more skincare you hope will fix your skin but feel like you’re going around in circles? Aimlessly trying ‘solutions’ which don’t work? Wasting 100’s of cumulative £’s or $’s on a graveyard of skincare you can’t use.

  • Feeling like the core of your skin issues are not being fixed?

  • Feeling like there’s an expiry date to the facials you’ve been getting and that expensive post care isn’t getting you the healthy and glowing skin you want?

  • Or have you ‘embarrassingly’ never had a proper skincare routine and have no clue where to start or how to start healing your skin?

  • Feeling afraid that the next thing you try won’t work and is going to be a complete waste of money?

You might be asking yourself…

Will I be stuck with ‘bad skin’ forever?

One word: No. Why? Because I’m here for you my friend.

“Cheryl is my go-to for skincare advice, this clever lady has improved my skin ten fold and it is now clear for the first time in years.”Cara G
I'm a scientist and skincare expert who gets it.
With me in your corner we're here to help you get healthy, happy skin you feel fantastic in. And I'm here to do it in a way that's more friend next door - there is never, ever any need to feel embarrassed, ashamed or alone here.
Bottom Line: I'm here for you.
“I’ve personally felt the emotional impact of suffering with seemingly never ending bad skin. It made me feel upset, ugly, desperate and frustrated. I’d walk into work meetings only to feel like all anyone could see of me was the gigantic Vesuvius sized acne cysts and my incredibly oily T-zone. How could anyone take me seriously when I looked like a spotty pubescent teenager? Add in my rosacea and I was headed for a hat trick no one wants.”
Cheryl Woodman, founder of Honesty For Your Skin

I get it. Your skin affects more than just the way you look… it affects how you feel inside, it affects your confidence, your self-esteem, your life.

After speaking with medically trained experts, a doctor and a pharmacist who told me, ‘I’d have to accept and live with it’ I decided to take matters into my own hands. I researched until my eyes could read no further. I dove into dermatology textbooks, hungrily absorbed and searched for the latest scientific research papers and investigated trials of new skincare actives. I became a skincare expert.

And… with educated changes to my diet and skincare, I finally kicked butt to acne and oily skin.

Since 2015 I’ve been making it my mission to help others find healthy, happy skin they feel fantastic in. I’ve been featured in Top Santé magazine, written for The Huffington Post, Interviewed live on BBC radio and won 3 awards for skincare formulation (yes, I’m a skincare formulator too!).


Feeling frustrated by your skin, stuck in a bad skin spiral?
Let me help you make positive change…

I know you fear your skin will always be 'bad'.
I completely get that. I once felt this way too. And so I want to share the results my SkinCoachees have been getting, they once felt like you do too;
Psst; I can't guarantee you results like these, the impact of our SkinCoaching together depends on many factors, however there's a strong possibility I can help you get happier skin you feel comfortable and confident in.

  • Noah came to me with acne prone skin which was severely dry, flaky and sensitive (skin symptoms caused by dermatologist treatments), he felt hopeless and like his skin would be stuck this way forever, Noah now tells me his acne severity has dropped from a 5/10 to a 1/10, his dryness from a 7/10 to a 3/10 and skin sensitivity from 8/10 to a 5/10. He tells me it feels like his life has started again.

  • When Kimali came to me she was feeling upset and lost over her skin. She told me that she had very dry skin that feels tight and gets drier as the day goes on. It gets easily irritated, can get bumpy, red, rash-like patches and acne around my chin that won’t go away. She felt new skincare products were making her skin worse. 3 months after we SkinCoached together she emailed to say 'You've been amazing and my skin is in a much better place because of you, so grateful I feel a lot less lost with it all!... My skin is completely clear (minus hyperpigmentation from my previous breakouts)!'

  • When Leanne came to me because her daughters confidence was being sucked away by acne and skin sensitivity, they'd already walked out of a dermatologists office because a prescription for Accutane was 'the fix'. Her 'bad skin' rated at a 9/10 in sensitivity was red, raw, burning and extremely irritated. In 6 months from our initial SkinCoach consult Leanne's daughter's skin sensitivity plummeted to a 0/10 and her acne severity from a 9.5/10 to a 5.5/10. Leanne mentioned to be she thought her daughters skin now 'looks great to me'.

  • Pam was concerned about skin ageing (dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, lack of moisture, radiance, age spots) and felt her sensitive skin type was accelerating the age clock. She told me she felt she hadn't been looking after her skin the way she should. She came back in 2 short months to tell me "I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin within a few months it’s much calmer in feel, it’s not so red, it used to feel tight and dry in a mornings but now I wake up with soft hydrated skin"

  • Sal came to me because her skin was in a constant angry, red, irritated flare. She told me she would get irritated & inflamed patches for months on end and had a graveyard of skincare products which hadn't worked. Within a month of following her SkinCoach plan she told me 'My skin is certainly less red and less radioactive & as a result better condition, easier to mask/requiring less makeup which has ultimately boosted my confidence no end Horaaaaah'.

  • Emily was feeling like her eczema prone skin was constantly looking dull, greyish yellow/sallow and blotchy, that her skin lacked firmness, she told me she had visible pores and hormonal breakouts. She quickly saw results, she tells me 'So I’m 1.5 months into my new skincare routine and I feel like it’s been a really good progress so far! Thank you! I feel confident enough to go out without makeup and friends and family has complimented my skin without being aware that I’m trying to improve it'

Imagine what it's going to feel like to finally start healing your skin.
What would this mean for you my friend? How would your life change? How would you feel? Would you feel more confident? More like you? Would you feel happier? Would you be able to stop worrying about your skin and start enjoying life more?
Together we're going to help you get here. Together we're going to help you get the healthy, happy skin you want.
Now's the time because if you keep doing what you're doing, nothing will change, so get started today, choose your SkinCoach level and I will be speaking to you (by email or phone - whichever is best for you) very soon;

SkinCoach Me Pro


For you if you're at your wits end!
  • Full Skin Analysis – an investigation & take-back-control explanation of why you’re suffering skin symptoms
  • FULL what-works-&-why review of current skincare
  • New AM & PM skincare routine with skincare which heals not hurts
  • Diet review for key skin triggers
    [this bit is EXCEPTIONALLY important]
  • A step-by-step action plan for how to get healthier, happier skin
  • MULTIPLE 1-2-1 coaching calls/email chat – all your questions answered
  • 2 week clear skin meal plan
  • Full, in depth diet analysis with recipe recommendations
  • Flare up plan
  • Ongoing email support
Buy Now!

How SkinCoach Me works, 6 simple steps to skin you love;

1As soon as you enrol on SkinCoach you’re  receiving an order confirmation with a link to our first step  – the SkinCoach questionnaire. Here from the comfort of your own home you’re telling me everything I need to know about your skin and you’re not holding back. This is a safe space.

2I start understanding your skin health as it is right now plus the biology changes which are making your skin ‘bad’. I’m coming back with more questions by email - these are helping me get an in-depth understanding of why your skin’s doing what it’s doing plus what can help fix it. I'll also share an online diet tracker asking you to complete this for 1 week.

3Diet tracking done and we're ready to go. I now have everything I need to create your step by step how to get healthy, happy skin plan. I’m looking into your skincare, your diet and your lifestyle aka ‘The 3 Must Have Pillars of Great Skin’.

4Within a week I have your step by step how to get healthy, happy skin plan back to you. This is in PDF so you always have it to hand and so you have exact guidance on what to do. You digest your roadmap to healthier, happier skin. Pull together questions and share with me by email.

5Exciting. Now’s time for our SkinCoach 1-2-1, here I help you understand exactly how to use your roadmap to better skin. Psst – if you don’t feel comfortable doing this over the phone or are crazy busy we can do this just as easily over email.

6Extras; if you’re on SkinCoach Me Pro you’re also getting 6 months worth of full, reasonable email support from me - often needed for persistent skin concerns. We’ll also plan in for a further 2 follow up reviews (included in SkinCoach Me Pro).

Psst; SkinCoach is covered by my 30 day money back guarantee - I'm so sure you're going to be blown away by the experience you get here, that if you're not, I'll issue you a complete and full refund, making enrolling now 100% risk free.
“Your plan is absolutely amazing, I’m following it religiously and have honestly had many compliments about my skin since, how youthful and glowing it is – friends say they’ve noticed how bad people’s skin is getting (late 20s, all living in London) and ask what my secret is etc. Have told them about you! I feel confident that I’m doing the right thing to prevent ageing and keep my skin as good as it can be so thank you!”Olivia Howarth
“Since our consultation I have been trying out different recommendations that Cheryl gave, and I feel I am now able to care for my skin so much better. I have also noticed vast improvements in my skin since making these changes. I would highly recommend Cheryl’s consultations, as she is so approachable, friendly and informative. I have learnt so much from her and without her support and guidance I would still be blindly struggling with my skin.”

Sophie D
“I purchased Cheryl’s skin care coaching about a year ago. I was a little apprehensive as you never know what you’re going to get when hiring someone online. I can honestly say trusting my skin to Cheryl has been one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve always struggled with acne and when I hit my late twenties it was out of control. I tried everything – dermatologists, accutane, antibiotics, every prescription and over the counter topical you could imagine. Products would work for a few months and my acne would come back with a vengeance.

I stuck with the routine Cheryl gave me and almost immediately saw great results. Fast forward a year later and my skin is the best it’s been ever! I rarely get an occasional pimple and it’s usually gone so much quicker. I actually consulted Cheryl again to see how I can repair my hyperpigmentation and texture from previous breakouts. She’s the only person I trust to give me the proper tools to take care of my skin. Thank you Cheryl for giving me confidence and helping me achieve such great results! “Sarah Bredesen

“After 2 weeks I could see changes of my skin (less redness…..even my husband saw the difference :-)) and even after some days my skin stopped itching during the night and the skin felt better… more hydrated and more comfortable.”Lidia
“I was very impressed by the professionalism of Cheryl’s approach. She told me when she would be responding, she kept to her word, and she produced a comprehensive and impressive report about my skin which made sense to me.

So to the products… Cheryl recommended a number of The Ordinary products and some from other suppliers. There’s been no ill effects – no irritation or discomfort, and in fact I think my skin looks better, clearer, fresher… However, my skincare regime now costs a fraction of my previous brand and I am optimistic that I have the best products available right now to help me combat the inevitable effects of age.”Wendy Lobatto

“If you are looking for a bespoke skincare, diet and lifestyle routine that is designed around scientific evidence, then you want Cheryl Woodman on your team.

Cheryl provides a guiding hand into creating a skincare routine through a personalised SkinCoach plan.

The recommendations I received included products that I had never heard of before, however I was pleasantly surprised as my skin barrier was repaired within weeks and my skin feels the softest it has in years.

Do yourself a favour and get on board for the best skin of your life.”Leanne Getson-Ballan

“Thank you very much for my skin care plan. I can honestly say my skin hasn’t looked so good ever!Naomi D
“Your analysis of existing products is so interesting. Everyone should have this done – such an eye opener!”Rob L
“If you have been struggling to obtain a healthy bare skin face, Cheryl is the person to go to. At first, I was sceptical to engage an online help, for fear of being scammed. But Cheryl is far from that. Her insights and her personalized plan were excellent.

I used to ‘trial and error’ when purchasing products for my skin. Now I understand the ingredients and what works for my skin. My skin has improved so much. The acnes have reduced tremendously without the help of Accutane and the likes.Khadijah S


Let me help you get healthy, happy skin you feel fantastic in.

This is what you’re doing now and this is why it’s not working…

First Up: You’re going around in circles, trying out one new skincare product after another, the choices are unlimited and you’re just hoping something will work. Please just work! Worst case scenario, the skincare you’re using is actually making your skin health worse. You’re frustrated as heck.

My friend, you’re so not alone here. Unless you’re a skincare formulator, all you can do is ‘stab in the dark’ (aka risk wasting more money) – when you enrol in SkinCoach I’m wiping away that confusion and frustration, getting you started on educated trial and error, actives which studies prove have hyper-potential to help heal your skin.

Second: You’re trying to fix your skin using only skincare, only outside-in. In fact skincare is 90% of your plan for getting skin you love. While skincare is powerful it cannot work alone.

Your skin is very likely being triggered by food, supplement and lifestyle factors. Equally as important as great skincare. You must focus on these too. I hear so often, ‘I’m already aware of what to avoid food wise’ – please my friend, don’t make the mistake of thinking you know it all already.

Third: You’re trying to heal your skin alone. Without expert help. Would you try to drive without lessons first? You could but it’s going to be bumpy eh? And it’s going to cost you a lot more time and pain. You can’t know what you don’t know until you know it. Let me be your guide.

Fourth; You’re using ‘fix it quick, magic cure’ skincare. This skincare is actively working against your skin biology. It’s why you’re finding products work for a few months, then stop working and now your skin’s worse than before.

I’m here to help change all of this for you.
To help you find healthy, happy skin you feel fantastic in.

“After just two months of switching to my new routine, I saw immediate improvements in my skin including a reduction in skin bumps (comedones), and my skin just felt so much more hydrated and healthy. I still have some texture on my skin but I have no doubt that I will continue to see good results with this simplified routine.

One of the many great things about the Skin Coach Consultation is that aside from providing brilliant, honest skincare guidance (and a personalised routine that’s entirely bespoke to you), the consultation is designed to educate you on all aspects of your current skincare routine, with a summary of why certain ingredients do or don’t work for your skin. It’s because of this that I actually understand what I’m putting on my face now, and why previous products didn’t work for me.

For this reason – along with the fact that Cheryl is so fantastically understanding, reassuring and knowledgeable (and friendly!) – that I would absolutely recommend the Skin Coach Consultation to anyone. ” Aneysha Wakelin

“Cheryl is a god send for me. My skin is doing so good. I get naughty sometimes and have cheat days but fortunately all product regime still takes care of it. 6 months of dedicated routine will help bring a big change. I get so many compliments for the glow on my skin .” Anika Nijhawan
“Cheryl is amazing!! I have worked with her for 2 different programs and I could not be more appreciative with her expertise, quality & detail of my personalized skin care programs, and her phenomenal customer service!! I filled out her in depth questionnaire regarding my current skin routine, issues I’m dealing with, and wishes for my skin. She provided me with a dossier of skin magic based on skin care, diet, lifestyle! It was so, so detailed and made just for me! Cheryl is very knowledgeable and incredibly responsive to my numerous questions & curiosities. Put your skin or product needs in her hands, you won’t be disappointed!!”Erin S, Virginia

It’s my mission to help you find ‘take that picture now’
Happy Skin

How do you know if SkinCoach Me is for you?

You know because right now you’re struggling with your skin, you feel like you’re battling it and all you want to do is look in the mirror and like what you see.

You’re so confused about how to help your skin that you’ve pretty much given up on anything working – when did skincare get so crazy complicated? In fact skincare now only seems to be making your skin worse.

You find yourself hiding from photos because you’re embarrassed by your skin.

You’re fed up of everything promising to be the next magic cure and you feel guilty for wasting a ton of money with no results to show for it.

You just want an expert to step by step tell you what to do, which skincare products to use and how this is going to help you get healthier, happier skin.

Feeling like a yes robot?
My friend, It’s time to enroll…


On the other hand, a SkinCoach plan is not for you if;

Your skin is pretty darn awesome already and what you do now, works wonders.

You know exactly how to choose skincare appropriate for your skin.

You already know skincare ingredients, actives and formulas like the back of your hand.

You know exactly how to resolve, calm and remedy your dry/oily/sensitive/acne prone skin.


Got Questions?
Great, because I’ve got answers…


Ready to get healthier, happier skin you feel fabulous in?
It's time to stop messing around with your skin and instead start doing right by it;

SkinCoach Me

For You If; You've had a niggling skin concern(s) for quite some time & you're feeling lost, not sure where to start or what to do or try.

One time payment: £99

SkinCoach Me Pro

For You If; You have a skin worry or condition and feel like nothing's working aka you're at your wits end!

One time payment: £250

Start Healing Your Skin Now

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