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Hello Lovelies, todays post is a ‘lay myself bare’ kind, thankfully NOT visually *wink wink*. I am a perfectionist, so sharing this with you today is a tad SCARY for me, because It is a ‘work in progress’, but at the end of the day, I thought this is for YOU guys, and who best to guide me than YOU! So as well as sharing more about Honesty.For.Your.Skin with YOU, I will also be asking YOU a question, which I would LOVE your feedback on…(in the comments box below, OR feel free to drop me an email, I love to chat! hello@honestyforyourskin.co.uk).

A new way to choose skincare. Honesty.For.Your.Skin. Choose skincare based on FACT and SCIENCE, know that it will work for you and why!


A couple of months back, I did something a little frightening. I QUIT MY JOB. There was nothing wrong with the job, it was a great job for someone, just not for me. I had probably gotten (if I am being honest, definitely had gotten) a BIT bored and was finding myself frustrated more than excited. I knew it was time for change and with A LOT of thought, decided to take my passion of skincare and my love of science, ‘by the horns’ and roll with it!


Good question! Honesty.For.Your.Skin was inspired by THAT moment when you are cluelessly staring at the beauty counter with NO idea WHAT will work best for your skin, WHY it’s going to do what it says and IF you should fork out an extra £20 for a branded version? There must be about a BAZILLION questions that go through our minds when choosing beauty products. SOME of those are even SUBCONSCIOUS, were our brains just love the branding, or we saw an advert in a magazine and it stuck in our heads! Sometimes it can simply be hearing a celebrity recommend a product, and we think, her SKIN looks awesome, so my skin will too.. ‘if I use that product’.

Here’s the thing, YOUR skin is abso-fabulously UNIQUE to you, out of EVERYONE in the world, YOU know it best, you know that if you get stressed/its that time/insert annoying change here, your skin will breakout/get dry and flakey/be grey/insert skincare complaint here. When you go to most beauty counters, there just isn’t enough information on the label to help YOU pair your knowledge of your skin with the PERFECT product for YOU.

If that wasn’t enough, there is also that CRAZY lingo on the back of the skincare pack, that makes it near impossible for you to KNOW what is in that bottle. Some of the natural ingredients are now getting their sensible name into the brackets, but that still often leaves some proper SCIENCE ingredients there, which are a mind baffle! How are you supposed to know, if one of those could break you out, or just isn’t the BEST skincare you could be using for your skin?

All of this makes it near IMPOSSIBLE to make GOOD skincare decisions, finding something that WORKS is luck. BUT it doesn’t have to be that way, ya know! Not anymore lovely, that is what Honesty.For.Your.Skin is ALL about. It’s about helping YOU to choose SKINCARE that is oh-so-perfect for your ab-so-fabulous skin!


THEN there is another part of Honesty.For.Your.Skin. This is the part that says, there are so MANY products out there that just have NO hope of long-term benefit. This is where the BIG giants of the skincare world, start to prioritise things like product shelflife (did you know your skincare can be 3 years old before you get it?), sometimes that’s OK because there are relatively in-active ingredients in there anyway, othertimes it means that promised active could be active no-more.

The skincare ingredients can also be chosen for reasons that don’t benefit your skin, NO.1 reason being they are cheap, there is a specialist term for this in the industry, these ingredients are called ‘FILLERS’ they are there to BULK a product out and to drive profit. Then [NO.2 reason being] a LOT of ingredients that don’t help the skin, but make the product look prettier. Sometimes these are the ingredients that don’t really like skin, and some people REACT to.

When it comes to recommending products that will WORK, there are a lot to sift through. Sometimes its hard even for a scientist to tell, that’s because a lot of skincare companies aren’t transparent.

  • Example 1. Active ingredients need to be in there in a certain amount, BUT a lot of the time, they won’t tell you what % is in there, so when you are looking for a SKIN age protecting Vitamin A lotion, or a Skin brightening, antioxidant, vitamin C powerhouse, you can’t tell which would be best and have to rely on the pretty packaging, which is absolutely pretty, but not a fair judgement of the stuff inside.
  • Example 2. Every ingredient under the sun is suddenly the BOMB for your skin, there’s some research that’s been done to PROVE this ingredient X cream is GOD, but as that research is company property, they can’t share it with you, its for ‘internel eyes only’. So we can’t ever be SURE it would work.

MY AIM: To make super, skin loving skincare that is absolutely transparent about what is in there, WHY its in there, and what that is going to do for your skin. I want to ‘break it all down’. I want to tell you ALL about the awesome ingredients that are in there. And most of all, I want to help you understand what each ingredient is going to do for your skin AND help you decide if its for YOU.


One area of skincare I feel HUGLY passionate about is cleansing, this is where you can accidently do a lot of damage to skin, simply thinking you are just getting ‘clean’. A lot of cleansers use ingredients that are known to be irritants, it is these ingredients that also take a LOT away from your skin, and give little back. Add those 2 together and skin is being put through the ‘wringer’. Owch!

As cleansers can have such a huge impact on the health of your skin, this is where I started my formulating! [INSERT visual of me in lab coat, goggles and sexy ‘preparation’ gloves]. The first cleansing product I am working on, is one that cleanses using NATURAL, non-irritant ingredients. In other words, ingredients that are GIVERS, yay!

MORE: ‘How to Cleanse without STRIPPING your face’ <- That post will let you in on a little more about the new cleanser.

This is where I NEED your help. This new cleansing product, needs a NAME! I have shortlisted 3, but I would love for YOU to tell me which you prefer! Before you decide, let me tell you a little more about this product… ‘The [awaiting full name!] uses naturally skin nourishing AND calming ingredients like Shea butter, Apricot kernel oil and Vitamin E to wipe away a days grime. It also includes powdered oatmeal – which is a great skin soother and offers a really gentle exfoliation. The cleansers consistency is between soft-butter and double cream, and to use, you can either apply to a dampened cotton pad and wipe away, OR warm some in your hands and work into skin.’ Now you know what it is, and what it does, it is over to YOU! Can’t wait to hear which NAME you prefer…

  • Name No.1: Natural Cleanse Melt
  • Name No.2: Natural Cleanse Jelly
  • Name No.3: The Natural Cleanse

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