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Because skin's so much more than just what people see eh. It's how you FEEL on the inside, it's your confidence, your self-esteem, your... best foot forward 😉 PLUS a fab reflection of your inner health.

p.s. I may be a scientist, but I'm also inventor to words like awesomesauce, so don't worry my friend, everything you're going to be discovering here is super understandable with generous sprinklings of giggles.


Love Notes for Honesty...

  • For nearly a decade, I suffered from severe acne that turned into even greater skin issues when I tried every anti-acne solution that was recommended to me by doctors and dermatologists. I really felt like I was wandering aimlessly just guessing time and time again if what I was doing for my skin was actually helpful. I’d be feeling okay and then out of the blue it would start acting up again and I’d be back to square one. I felt like a completely unique case with no apparent answers. I was having genuine worries I would feel completely hopeless for my entire life. However, getting in touch with Cheryl was one of the greatest choices I’ve made in my life. Not only did she give me suggestions as to how I might better my skin issues but answers as to why the things that were happening were happening. She has a thoughtful yet straightforward correspondence meant to cut out the BS of big brand marketing and give you the answers you need. It feels like my life has started again and my skin isn’t controlling me anymore. Thank you, Cheryl.”Noah
  • “Cheryl is amazing!! I have worked with her for 2 different programs and I could not be more appreciative with her expertise, quality & detail of my personalized skin care programs, and her phenomenal customer service!! I filled out her in depth questionnaire regarding my current skin routine, issues I’m dealing with, and wishes for my skin. She provided me with a dossier of skin magic based on skin care, diet, lifestyle! It was so, so detailed and made just for me! Cheryl is very knowledgeable and incredibly responsive to my numerous questions & curiosities. Put your skin or product needs in her hands, you won’t be disappointed!!”Erin Sengel
  • After struggling with cystic acne from the age of 14 to 26 and having tried everything dermatologists gave me including finally accutane (which worked only temporarily) I just felt I had lost all hope of clear skin until I came across Cheryl. I had researched and tried endless amounts of products through the years and nothing seemed to work so I doubted this would but I also refused to accept my condition. Not only have I been able to clear my skin with the Skincoach plan but I feel so much more equipped in understanding how my skin works, what causes it to flare up and therefore how to tame and protect it. I couldn’t recommend the Skincoach plan enough!!! Don’t hesitate! Cheryl makes everything so understandable, her expertise is second to none she is genuinely a skin wizard! Just be willing to have a little patience, remember nothing happens overnight. Thank you so much for giving me skin I can be proud of!!”Kimali Brook
  • “This is about the best cleanser for my very sensitized [Honesty Protect Nourishing Cleanse Balm] skin. I wish I’d found it sooner. I also purchased the moisturiser [Soothe Facial Comfort Cream] after emailing Cheryl. She said from what I was describing I have a leaky skin barrier. I found her to be very helpful and knowledgeable. My skin for the first time today hasn’t stung or itched as much as it was doing now I’ve started using these products. I can’t believe there are other brands out there claiming to be for sensitive skin but have things like lavender in them. I had also had glycolic peels and microneedling not realising that would make it worse. Anyway I highly rate this and the barrier cream, and Cheryl for her advice.”Jennifer Rowland, Yorkshire, UK
  • “This lady is amazing…! I have always had dark circles under my eye and now the beginning of wrinkles as I’m in my 30s! I have always cleansed, toned and moisturised but with so many products on the market I didn’t know what to take and in what order or what quantity!

    This lady did me a complete plan and I have to say my dark circles are pretty much gone! My fine lines appear to be less obvious now too! I’m so pleased I have recommended her to all my friends 💓”Antonia Hayward

  • “Cheryl is my go-to for skincare advice, this clever lady has improved my skin ten fold and it is now clear for the first time in years. From tips about working out your skin type, to knowing the best way to cleanse and exfoliate, to understanding jargon on skincare packaging, to decoding skincare ingredients Cheryl has it all (and it’s all easy and enjoyable without being patronising!). This girls is the reason I can now say my skincare and makeup is not only cruelty free but safe for me to use and doesn’t contain ingredients that harm my skin or block my pores. This lady is a genius!”Cara Shuttleworth
  • “Typically, my skin is fairly OK at the moment, which I contribute a large part to using the Honesty products, it seriously improved within about a week of me using them. I’m always recommending friends (and strangers) to your products, you’re a godsend!”Ella Leonard
  • “Just thought I’d let you know I love reading your blogs!! You’re a fantastic writer ;)”Carrie Francis Freitas
  • “Your articles are truly informative Cheryl, it’s why I keep checking back for new ones. Thank you!”Jas Can
  • “So refreshing to know what I’m using on my face all works together and is specific to my needs. I was always so frustrated in having to trust a stranger from a retail store to offer advice on a limited 5 second encounter. I feel like I’m on a better path!”Risa Walker
  • “Hello Cheryl! I just love what you do, i found your web a few days ago and i cant stop reading you”Nadia Banicki
  • “CHERYL LOOOOOOVE YOU! I’m from Chile waaaay far from you but You are totally my guru!”Fernanda Machado
  • “I have been on a skincare odyssey and was so pleasantly surprised to find your site today! I thought I had seen all of them but no, I hadn’t found you. Your straightforward, easy to understand explanations and advice are just what I like/need. Also, your breezy tone, which makes me imagine you with a smile on your face”Debra Lobin
  • “I love the blog and advice and feel I’ve learned so much, so thank you for that, it’s such invaluable advice given how complicated skincare has gotten now a days.”Emily Parrett
  • “I would even travel to the UK if it is possible to get personal advice. The way you write, talk about skin and how to help it, to care for it goes straight into my heart. You understand skin.”Wolf Koerner
  • I’ve been sticking to your ‘Skin Coach’ regime now for around 3 months and its been completely amazing. I’ve had only a couple of tiny eczema breakouts on my face but they have been directly relating to something that go onto my skin and they were easily calmed again.”Constance Eyre
  • “A bajillion thank yous!!! I can’t contain my joy at finding you! The SkinCoach is worth every last penny and more!”Angela Hansen
  • “I can’t thank you enough for your in depth knowledge on skincare! I am 38 yrs old and after struggling with severe dry skin for most of my life I can finally say that I’ve cracked my code!
    I just recently discovered your blog and content and sucked in all the info. I am amazed by the results I’ve seen in only a few weeks.
    Thank you so much for sharing, I’ve never felt so good and confident about my skin!”Isabelle Clerc
  • “Thank you again for providing such a comprehensive service, your engagement and feedback has been wonderful, I will highly recommend you! My Daughter is ready to sign up!”Serena Griffith
  • “I was super excited to receive my skin coach plan. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the information you have given me. I am reading and re reading over it all.”Sharon Loco
  • “Thank you so much for sending my recommendations through so promptly. Already after a couple of days use I can feel that my skin is calmer and more hydrated.”Jan Pooler
  • “Thank you very much for my skin care plan. I can honestly say my skin hasn’t looked so good ever!”Naomi Dempster
  • “I just began reading your blog and I am so impressed by all the knowledge you have and so grateful for it. You do such an amazing job.”Lissa Nimmo
  • “I must say my skin feels so much calmer and feeling plump thank you so much I’m very pleased. I can’t believe what a difference you’ve made to my skin Cheryl you certainly know your science!!”Pam

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